56mph e-motorbike tops Cake’s last-mile delivery range

Cake, a high-performance electric motorcycle manufacturer, has launched a new brand that is geared towards last-mile delivery workers.

The :work lineup includes three bikes. These bikes are based on Osa, the Makka and Kalk electric motorcycles from Sweden.

Makka :work, the smallest model in our lineup, has a range of 68 miles. It can reach speeds of 15.5mph and 28mph, depending on which variant you choose.

Osa:work’s mid-level Osa offers a greater range of 99 miles. It can also tow Cake’s new Carla Cargo or Faro trailers, which can haul loads up to 1500 litres. You can choose from a 15.5mph, 28mph, or 56mph speed depending on the use of your Osa :work.

Kalk:work is an e-motorbike that can go 52 miles with a top speed 56 mph and has a great range. It boasts 18-inch offroad tires, which emphasize its all-terrain capabilities. Cake claims that it has intelligent ride modes, which make it perfect for remote areas, surveillance, and service.

To meet the demands of last-mile delivery drivers, new accessories were added to the company’s product line. Both the Makka & Osa :work have front and rear carriers that allow riders to transport parcels or tools. The bikes also have external power outputs so that the battery can charge a phone, or power a heavy-duty device.

“The CAKE?work series has the immediate potential to move last-mile deliveries away from traditional solutions. This clearly exceeds the efficiency of both cars, and bikes. It is our single greatest contribution to speeding up the transition towards a zero emission society,” said Stefan Ytterborn founder and CEO of Cake.

“Any industry that deals with large amounts of short-haul transport of people and goods knows the struggles of traffic jams and parking fines and the need for sustainable and economical fossil fuel-free vehicles. Cake believes that last-mile delivery will be electric and on two wheels.