Entrance Hall: “Welcome” Ideas to Your Home

The entrance hall is a key element of architecture. The small space can be used to welcome the home, store objects, house a waiting area and reading area, distribute the movement of the house and even display a painting. There are many ways to create and occupy this environment. Here are three design guidelines that will help you.

Loose and supporting Elements

The easiest way to make an entrance hall look great is to add different pieces. Benches, armchairs, sideboards, pictures, plants. These are just a few examples of how an environment can be made more personal and more useful in daily life. It is important to consider the environment’s movement so that plants and furniture do not impede the flow.

Casa Ex Fábrica Richaud / Richaud Arquitectura. Foto: © Manolo R. Solis

You can also think about how you want to hang mirrors or paintings. They can alter the feeling of the space, making it feel larger or more welcoming. To optimize space, it is also a good idea to think about furniture that can serve multiple functions, such as a bench with shoes underneath.

Casa Alegre / RAWI Arquitetura + Design. Foto: © Juliana Deeke

Material Highlight

While the entry hall is often overlooked and not given much importance in most homes, it can be exalted in some homes due to the choice of color or coating. Think about textures and a monochromatic theme that is different from the rest of your house. This will make it stand out and bring out the best in you and others who visit your home.

Apartamento Cervantes / Mandarina Arquitetura. Foto: © Nathalie Artaxo

It doesn’t matter how big or small the Entrance Hall is, it can make a huge difference to the ambience.

Apartamento Una / Studio92 Arquitetura. Foto: © Mariana Orsi

Fixed and modular furniture

It is possible to envision large furniture in a complex project. This could be a bookcase or a bench. The larger furniture blends into the space and creates a seamless transition between the entry area and the residential atmospheres.

Casa da Quinta Verde / Manuel Belo Arquitetura. Foto: © Ricardo Oliveira Alves

It is important to remember that the textures of the materials, their lighting, and even openings are all fundamental elements in a composition.

Apartamento FA / João Tiago Aguiar Arquitectos. Foto: © Fernando Guerra | FG+SG