New data suggests rental e-scooters popular for evening commute

Dott, a ride-sharing company, has released new data about the use of its e-scooters in Europe in 2021. It claims that the machines can assist each rush hour traffic.

The company currently operates e-scooter fleets within 38 European cities. According to the firm’s data, the most popular time to rent an escooter was between 1600 and 1900 hours. This suggests that people use e-scooters in peak travel times to avoid congestion.

Dott stated that the average journey length across the fleet was 1.7 miles and the average trip took 11 minutes.

Dott launched its escooter service in a variety of London boroughs in June. October was the busiest month for this rental program. According to data for London, one in five rides (19%) were made using a Dott card. This suggests that there are a lot of regular riders.

Dott didn’t provide any data on London usage, but it did list five areas that are most popular for riders to complete their trips in. This suggests the areas where people use ride-scooters to travel. These were Ealing, Camden, Westminster, Hammersmith & Fulham, Camden, Camden, and Camden.

The rental company supported 130% more trips across Europe than 2020, thanks to the doubled size of its fleet of e-scooters. A trip costing EUR2.00 (PS1.67).