New KTM X-Bow GT2 is road-ready, 600bhp track weapon

The tuned version of the Audi RS3 turbocharged five-cylinder engine will power Austria’s second road vehicle.

Austrian motorbike and race car manufacturer KTM is creating a road-legal version its X-Bow GT2, that will compete with low-volume lightweights such as the Radical Rapture or Dallara Stradale.

This will be KTM’s second road car. It joins its open-roof X-Bow sibling which has been sold in different forms since 2008.

It was captured by our cold weather testers and has a unique bodyshell. It boasts power and performance specifications that make it a credible rival to existing supercars. To reflect its road-focused positioning, it will be given a new nameplate.

The 2.5-litre turbocharged five-cylinder engine is rear-mounted and turbocharged. However, the GT2 racer increases output to 600bhp, 531lb ft and 296bhp, respectively, than the X-Bow R’s 296bhp, 295lb ft.

KTM has not yet confirmed whether the road-going engine would be tuned to the exact same specifications as the race unit.

The drive is sent to the rear axle via a seven speed sequential gearbox and a limited slip differential.

The GT2’s core is based on the 80kg carbonfibre monocoque that Dallara designed. It has been tested in a dozen crashes, KTM claims. It’s paired up with an FIA-approved steel rolling cage for the hardtop vehicle.

The canopy lid of the ‘jetfighter’ is made from carbonfibre and allows access to the cabin. Small glass windows on the sides can be opened fully.

KTM estimates that the X-Bow GT2 driver weighs in at 1048kg dry. The road car will be homologated with additional equipment, which will likely push the figure slightly higher. However, engineers will collaborate with KTM’s race team in order to “focus on lightweight building” during the development process.

KTM will provide further information closer to the X-Bow GT2’s release. Autocar was informed by KTM that the company will continue to produce 100 cars per year and that each X-Bow GT2 road car will be a highly bespoke order that is tailored to customer needs.