Photography Tips and Tricks

You don’t have to be an expert photographer to take meaningful photos. Capturing moments with your camera has never been easier with the ever enhancing smartphone capabilities, apps, free photography sites, and e-books. Whether you are making progress toward more impressive Instagram-worthy shots on your smartphone, or you are a DSLR photographer really taking shape, these tips and tricks will help lead you not far off of the picture taking mastery.

Aperture Priority– Use the Aperture priority mode on your DSLR cameras or phones, to get the perfect portraits. By entering the Aperture Priority mode, you will be in control of the depth of the picture and help you click that perfect portrait with a blurry background.

• DIY Macro lens– Remove the lens of your camera and hold it in front of you’re a camera, leaving a small gap to get a macro lens. But before trying these things there are a few things you should remember- The camera will not click a picture until you are in the manual mode. For the perfect effect, use a 50mm prime lens or 18-55mm kit lens. There is no autofocus. Since the lens is detached from the camera, the camera cannot control the aperture and you have to do that job.

• Mix up a little– For the perfect city lights shot, mix up natural light with the artificial light of the buildings. When doing this ensure that the light levels from each source are the same, otherwise, your shot might be exposed too much or too little.

• Apps to the rescue– There mobile apps like Camera Awesome and Camera+ available in your App store or Play store which enable you to enhance the pictures taken on your smartphone. However, these apps do not offer all professional capabilities of a DSLR camera, these apps can be used for a new level of picture taking, by just using your smartphone.

• Customized bokeh– Bokeh pictures are some of the most beautiful pictures one could have ever seen. Add your creativity to this beauty and make your bokeh picture innovative and new. Cut a piece of black chat paper in the size of the front side of the lens and make the shape you want in the center of the chart paper. Shot your bokeh shots with a large aperture and the black chat paper in the front for custom shaped bokeh pictures.

• Get the angle right– Always see which angle suits best before taking a picture. For pictures with the subject jumping, take it from a low angle or the ground if possible to make the jumper look higher. Ask your subject to jump in curves or shapes instead of a straight line to give a more floating effect to the picture.